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CFM CFM56 Series: Training Manual. cfm56-7b TRAINING MANUAL AFT BOOTSTRAP CONNECTIONS Identification (1. The two rotors are mechanically independent of each other. Cycle SECTION 1 Page 2/CM.

, then shipped to the SNECMA plant in France where it was placed in a locked roo. (4) If the fire cannot be extinguished by motoring the engine or if motori. Restart attempts are not advisable, as further damage may result. Retard throttle slowly and smoothly to idle.

Dual annular combustor (optional on CFM56-5B and CFM56-7B) 8. 3 gearbox arrangements Inlet, transfer, accessory CCFFMM5566 CCoommmmoonn AArrcchhiitteeccttuurree All CFM56 engines have STA STA 25 STA,5 1 6 8 STA cfm56-7b manual 0 : Ambient condition STA 12 : Fan inlet STA 25 : HP inlet. B737-6/7/8 CFM56 Maintenance Practice Training Manual B1/B2 DOC. The new fan is primarily derived from GE&39;s CF6-80turbofan rather than the CFM56-2, and the booster was redesigned to match the new fan. Setting of Takeoff Thrust.

not to exceed allowable limits. For training purpose and internal use only. It is most widely used in military applications where it is known as the F108; specifically in the KC-135, the E-6 Mercury and some E-3 Sentryaircraft. Rapid EGT rise accompanied by slow N2 acceleration, hang-up or deceleration requires immediate start abort.

Research into the next generation of commercial jet engines, high-bypass ratio turbofans in the "10-ton" (20,000 lbf; 89 kN) thrust class, began in the late 1960s. Axial Flow, Gas Turbine Turbofan 3. The small span of the compressor radius meant that the entire engine could be lighter and smaller,as the accessory units in the system (bearings,oiling systems) could be merged to the main fueling sy.

We reviewed CFM International SB CFM56-7B S/B 72-1033, Revision 3, dated Novem, and Subtask, of Task, from the CFM56-7B Engine Shop Manual (ESM), Revision 57, dated Janu. Direction of Rotation (Both Rotors). (3) Environmental Certification: FAA TC E55NE – The first CFM56-7B models comply with the fuel venting and. View and Download CFM CFM56 Series training manual online.

com CFM56 overhaul MRO News from around the world People on the Move latest appointments In profile: Joramco Q&A TrueAero. As of, there are four major variants of the engine, each with multiple sub-variants. If operational requirements dictate, the engine may be shut down with a one minute cooling period. After shutdown, monitor EGT and engine rpm, to be sure that the temperature and rpm decrease, indicating fuel shut. Discover how the CFM56 engines are assembled in Snecma’s pulse line at Villaroche, France.

military designation F108) series is a French-American family of high-bypass turbofan aircraft engines made by CFM International (CFMI), with a thrust range of 18,500 to 34,000 lbf (82 to 150 kN). and others in France. See full list on military. training, go to the Pilot Center on our website, deltva. In 1989, CFMI began work on a new, double-annular combustor. Airstarts in most of the starting envelope require starter assist due to the low windmilling characteristics of the engine. Two spool,13 stage compressor consisting of a 4 stage low pressure compressor (includes 1 stage fan) and a 9 stage high press compressor.

Warning: Be prepared to abort the start if a rapid EGT rise occurs, approaching starting limits -Li. Continued development. If the engine operates normally at idle, it should be allowed to idle for 3 minutes prior to shutdown if practical. Today, there are more than 250 technical service representatives on-site with airlines in more than 50 countries, and more than 40 maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) provider facilities around the world. Cfm56 7b Maintenance Manual PDF - Books Reader. For more information, contact your GE representative or our Aviation Operations Center (AOC) atU.

The CFM56-2 comprises a single-stage fan with 44 blades, with a three-stage LP compressor driven by a four-stage LP turbine, and a nine-stage HP compressor driven by a single-stage HP turbine. Technical Manual Index Component Maintenance Manuals Octo ATA Number PUBL. -Before attempting a second start, cfm56-7b manual dry motor the engine for 60 seconds for ground starts or windmill for 30 seconds for airstarts. Clockwise (as viewed from the rear looking fwd) 6. 150 technical service representatives on-site with airline customers in more than 50 countries, and 45 CFM maintenance and repair facilities around the world. Download Free Cfm56 7 Manual Brand. Maximum thrust:19,500 lbf (86.

Use alternate ignition system for second start cfm56-7b manual attempt. Subtask, of Task, from the CFM56-7B ESM, describes procedures for performing an eddy current inspection (ECI) of the affected fan blades. Most variants of the CFM56 feature a single-annular combustor. SNECMA, who had mostly built military engines until then, was the first company to seek entrance into the market by searching for a partner with commercial experience to design and build an engine in this class. .

In 1987, a double flameout occurred in hail conditions (the pilots managed to relight the engines), followed by the TACA Flight 110 incident in 1988. NOTE: IF ENGINE FLAMEOUTS OCCUR. Increasing kias will increase windmill speed. . Hot Starts may be caused by : (a) Inadequate starter air pressure, resulting in N2 too low to provide sufficient compressor air flow. 004 CFM International CFM56-7B series engines, -. (b) Faulty starter valve action, preventing proper operation of starter, with same result as item (a) (c) Premature starter deactivation (d) Incomplete purging of fuel in the comb. Air entering the engine are divided into a primary (inner) airstream and a secondary (outer) airstrea.

Airstart attempts may be made following a voluntary shutdown at any altitude and airspeed; however if the start cannot be achieved, establish flight conditions within the airstart envelope. Cfm56 7b Training Manual CFM56-7B Training Manual. See Chapter 5 of the CFM56-7B Engine Shop Manual CFM-TP. The CFM56-3 is a high bypass, dual rotor, axial flow turbofan engine. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration 800 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DCtell-FAA.

10** Revision 074 - Non-Destructive Test Manual NT. The CFM56 is a high-bypass turbofan engine (the majority of the air accelerated by the fan bypasses the core of the engine and is exhausted out of the fan case) with several variants having bypass ratiosranging from 5:1 to 6:1, generating 18,500 to 34,000 lbf (80 kN to 150 kN) of thrust. Instead of having just one combustion zone, the double-annular combustor has a second combu.

Caution: Starter assist should be used if N2 is below 15 percent. Therefore, to obtain maximum engine service life, time at takeoff / high thrust should be held to the practical minimum, and rapid throttle movements avoided during normal flight operations. After testing the engine for several years, both in the air and on the ground, CFMI searched for customers outside of a possible AMST contract. science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, romance) and types (e. Data from CFM International General characteristics 1.

Although the CFM56 is a very reliable engine (CFMI state that there is only one in-flight shutdown every 333,333 hours),there have been several engine failures throughout the life of the CFM56 family which were serious enough to either ground the fleet or require aspects of the engine cfm56-7b manual to be redesigned. Training Manual A319 / A320 / A3-80 ENGINE CFM56-5A ATA 30-21 AIR INTAKE ICE PROTECTION. The CFM56 is a two-shaft (or two-spool) engine, meaning that there are two. (Observe starter limitations) Note: CFM International does not supply the starter or thrust reverser for CFM56-3B-2 Engines on theaircraft.

Engine Model CFM56 Nomenclature CFMI Part Number VIN Vendor Name (Code) Basic Issue Date Rev. A "cropped fan" derivative of the -2, the -3 engine has a smaller fan diameter at 60 in (1. Type of engine. In the event of a actual or impending failure,the engine should be shutdown by turning the fuel and ignition off.

GE&39;s Customer Web Center allows you to browse engine shop manuals, illustrated parts catalogs, service bulletins and more with just a click. Windmilling Restart Procedure. Both CFM56 engines on the TACA 737 flamed out while passing through hail and heavy rain, and the crew was forced to land without engines on a grassy levee near New Orleans, Louisiana. Type of Compressor. If a unsatisfactory start should occur, it will most likely be accompanied by one of the following conditions : Caution : THE EXHAUST GAS TEMPERATURE (EGT) HAS A DIRECT EFFECT ON THE SERVICE LIFE OF ENGINE HOT SECTION COMPONENTS. Diameter:61 in (1. The cause must be investigated as per the Aircraft Maintenance Manual, and corrected before further attempts to start. Compressor:Single-stage fan, 3-stage low-pressure compressor, 9-stage high-pressure compressor 2.

We have 1 CFM CFM56-5A manual available for free PDF download: Training Manual Cfm CFM56-5A Training Manual (216 pages). - Oil pressure. A malfunctioning engine is evidenced by abnormal engine parameters, noise or vibration. The two primary roles for CFMI were to manage the program between GE and SNECMA, and to market, sell and service the engine at a single point of contact for the customer.

The variants share a common design, but the details differ. The desired thrust is obtained by setting the throttle to obtain the target N1 as determined from the Airplane Flight Manual performance data (or equivalent) for the applicable total air temperature, pressure altitude, engine bleed configuration and PMC status (on or off). Cfm56 7 Engine Manual Read/Download PWA109808 Engine Transport Stand with Manual Casters AM-2811 & AMCFM56-7B engine stand Engine Handling System is designed to transport and or store the CFM International CFM56-7 engine in QEC configuration. (3) When N2 on the affected engine is below maximum starter re-engagement speed (20%N2),the starter should be engaged and the engine motored until burning stops. org where you can efficient CFM56-7 turbofan engine, among other upgrades in avionics. pdf), Text File (. Type of Turbine. Whether your BBJ / 737NG is head of state, a VIP charter, or flying that extremely discerning owner, you simply can’t afford any unexpected engine issues.

CFM56-7B engines. CFMI modified the engines by adding a sensor to force the combustorto continuously ignite under those conditions. CFM CFM56-7B Training Manual (216 pages). Combustors:annular 3. However, soon after the upgrade project was launched in 1984, International Aero Engines offered their new V2500engine for the A3. 5 m) but retains the original basic engine layout. Both fiction and non-fiction are covered, spanning different genres (e.

The compressor stages has been developed from GEs "GE1/9 core" (namely a single-turbine, nine-compressor stage design) which was designed in a compact core rotor. 5 stage, split, c.

Cfm56-7b manual

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